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Once you have completed this exercise, you 5 Minute Energy Routine will be able to visualize any asymmetrical aspects of your life. You can easily see those dimensions where you have a feeling of scarcity, spend some time reviewing why you have that sense, and what you may need to do to improve your sense of abundance. Celebrate those dimensions where you have a feeling of plenty, and pay attention to why you have that sense. When several of these areas are functioning abundantly, you will likely have money and success, peace and tranquility. It will be easier to see your truth, and not be drawn in by the "facts". You will be "recession-proofed.
Various clinical reports have consistently pointed to the fast rising incidence of drug and alcohol abuse among the youth. Young drug abuse is becoming a serious problem in many countries. It leads to numerous consequences at the health, economic, social and legal level. Apart from its economic cost, young drug abuse lead to juvenile delinquency, family dysfunction, social impairment, as well as psychological problems of youth. In addition, because of abusing drugs, many people become victims of violence, are injured, or engage in risky, unplanned sex.

Drugs like opium, marijuana, heroin, alcohol, tobacco are the commonly misused drugs and addictive substances. Generally, when most people talk about substance abuse, they are referring to
Thanks to the inadequate control and easy availability of various addictive substances in every nook and corner of the state has made the situation worse. Alcohol is our most pervasive drug. Teens have access to it at parties, can obtain it from older friends who are of legal age to buy it, or may simply raid their parents' liquor cabinets. Like alcohol, tobacco is legally available;
The media has played an avoidable role in encouraging the use of alcohol among the youth and even teenagers as celebrating various occasions with beer and champagne. Smoking continues to be glamorized by the film industry. A University of California at San Francisco survey of top money-making films between the years 1991 and 1996 found that 80 percent of the leading men

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